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1911 tasco optima 2000 ?

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I have a colt gold cup 80 pistol....
Have been thinking of mounting a optima 2000 on it..... Got a few questions...

1.) Does the mounting plate replace the rear sight?
2.) Will the "general" colt 1911 mount plate fit my GC?
3.) How hard is it to remove the rear sight?
4.) ANY pictures of 1911's with the optima 2000 (or compareable) please post.......


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1. yes it does replace the rear sight.

2. It beats me. I put one on a Springfield. I called Springfield with my model and serial number and they told me it had a Novak cut. The mount was a little small for the slide dovetail so I had to shim it to fit. I am considering putting another one on another Springfield or my Colt. On another Springfield I have, the dovetail is too small for the mount.
Brownells sells the mounts for sight and their technical help has been very good to me, so I think I'll call them and buy the mount there.

3. The sight just slid out with a little persuasion with a brass punch.

4. Sorry, no pics.

btw, I mounted a J-point, which is supposed to be the same as the Tasco/Optima or Doctor (but it does have a plastic lens, not glass.
I believe it is less expensive than either of the other two. It has an 8 minute dot and is very bright so it works well for what I use it for (steel challenge).
Also, I noticed that there is one vendor on e-bay that is selling the J-point for about $150 including shipping, but I haven't had any experience with buying through e-bay, but for $50 or $60 difference, I might give it a try.

Anyway...good luck.


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There are several generations of the OPTIMA. the first was called the firepoint..the latest is the J-point..the Jpoint has a plastic lens whereas a similar version called the Doctor is glass..

call George at EGW...he had/is marketing several mounts that fit different dovetail cuts..he may have one for the GC..

some people have had great luck with this style sight..others have gone through 3 or 4..guess it depends on how lucky you feel.
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