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1911 vs HP ease of shooting well?

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I was wondering, since I have never shot an HP, and have no access to one (now that my favorite gun shop has sold the one it had in the rental counter!), for a female, what is the difference in recoil , and easy of shootabilty between a standard pressure 185 grn. 1911 .45 auto, and a standard pressure 115 grn. HP 9mm ?

It has been my experience that, there is so little difference between the recoil/shootability of a 23 oz. Glock 19 115 grn. 9mm, and a 38 oz. 1911 185 grn. .45 auto, that there is no reason not to choose the .45 auto for a lightly built female.

However, I have no yet been able to experience the 32 oz. HP for the same comparison. Would like to stay w/ the .45 auto, I think, if the difference is not that great.

Thoughts, guys?
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