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1911 vs HP ease of shooting well?

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I was wondering, since I have never shot an HP, and have no access to one (now that my favorite gun shop has sold the one it had in the rental counter!), for a female, what is the difference in recoil , and easy of shootabilty between a standard pressure 185 grn. 1911 .45 auto, and a standard pressure 115 grn. HP 9mm ?

It has been my experience that, there is so little difference between the recoil/shootability of a 23 oz. Glock 19 115 grn. 9mm, and a 38 oz. 1911 185 grn. .45 auto, that there is no reason not to choose the .45 auto for a lightly built female.

However, I have no yet been able to experience the 32 oz. HP for the same comparison. Would like to stay w/ the .45 auto, I think, if the difference is not that great.

Thoughts, guys?
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The High Power cannot be made to have as crisp a trigger as a 1911 because of the trigger linkage. To some, this makes the High Power slightly more difficult to shoot.

Some people react more to muzzle blast than felt recoil. The High Power has a sharper blast due to the higher pressure cartridge, and is perhaps a bit more startling to those who are more sensitive to it.

However, you can adapt to any reasonable pistol with a bit of training and practice. Both are conceptually fine pistols which can be mastered with reasonable effort. The primary difference is caliber.

The High Power can be had in .40 S&W, which is more like it.

On the other hand, a 1911 can be had as light as 30 oz. in a full sized piece, or 25 oz. in a cut down variety.
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