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Just got final approval on parkerized process for the re intro of the WWII service pistol. The Polishing starts in the morning on the first 50 guns. I should have a picture to post in about three or 4 weeks. Trust me gang you will love em

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WooHoo!! Alright! Can't wait to see it. Where are you dsk? You readin' this? I want one of these first 50 Mark655, please tell me there is a way for some of us here on 1911forum to get our hands on some of the first ones. If its possible. Thanks for the update.

"They all fall to hardball!"
Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Mark!

Rust never sleeps...
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Howdy Mark,

I live in California where our choice in firearms is limited.

My question is: Will the re-issue pistols be available for those of us who live here?


Eric M.
Something new out of Hartford, now that is a real Valentine.

Keep 'em comming Mark.

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Ten years and another Colt 1911A1. But this time called the 1911A1 and not the 1991A1. If its as good or better than the 1991A1 none of us will be disappointed. Lets see maybe i'll have one by 2002 used.
Stop, your killin' me! PLEASE don't post a picture. If it shows up the same time as my tax refund, I can't be held responsible for my actions.

Ya know, if you really want to go Gonzo with the replication you should have them take a torch to the front end of each slide so the parkerizing comes out darker on the end like the original guns.

I was waiting for some of the JLD Colts to come back in supply. Maybe now I'll have to set that purchase aside and wait for the new Colts instead.
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Spring steel extractor, spring steel extractor...
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1)No series 80 parts, right?
2)No cast parts, (hammer, sear,mag catch, ms housing, ejector, extractor, safety cathc, slide stop?),right?
3)No MIM parts, right?
4)No plastic (except for stocks) right?
5)Just like the originals, right?

why do you need to polish a gun that is going to be sandblasted and parkerized like the originals?
Get serious. It is a Colt.

The will be all sorts of cast parts, slide stop, thumb safety, bushing, hammer and sear to get started with. MIM? Mag release at least.

You pretty much hit it on the head Anthony.

I still want one
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Not trying to sound like a party-pooper here, but I also have doubts that it will consist 100% of all-machined parts. Tell us it's so, Mark! Oh, by the way, if it is indeed true then you know what the next step should be? Make a recreation of a 1930's National Match!
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I just saw a 1937 National Match on gusamerica for $7500. I want one but I also want a new truck. Geez how could this elusive first real target pistol be recreated. I know it would be a Gold Cup but cost $7000.
Anthony and Dane, you may be right about some cast or MIM parts. But this is 2001, and "modern methods" drive out the old, finer methods, as sure as death and taxes, sadly enough due to "shareholder value". Reality, my friends.

The difference is, I've haven't heard of any Colt failures caused by their choice of parts. I have personnally SEEN lots of failed Kimber slide stops and safety locks due to poor MIM process. Kimber originated "cheaper parts" in production handguns. Just like Wal-Mart and Costco, as soon as someone can make something cheaper and make more profit, it forces the rest of an industry to cheapen itself or go out of business. So don't kick Colt too hard. It wasn't their idea - it was a necessary competitive response to Kimber. Besides - be thankful, it makes work for gunsmiths, replacing all those parts with machined steel!

As for me, I look forward to anything new from Hartford - even if it is 60 years old!
Warmly, Col. Colt
I'd take one of these new 1911A1's with the MIM parts at $950 over the the old 1911A's for $1500-$2500. At this price, which is comparable with some of the other Colts and Kimbers, a guy could actually afford to shoot it.
Since there is a bit of wishing going on here. Why not a 3/4 scale 9 mm. My girlfriends hands are to small even with the grips off a 1911.
I just got off the phone to the custom shop.

There are 3 finished guns in this format and another 50 being made up that will be REALLY hard to get unless you are one of the serious player gun writers is what I was told.

Col. Colt...I did say I want one. Hell! I want more than one to build on with out the extra parts and roll marks. When is Colt going back to a basic gun, built right!

BTW I have a 1927 Colt and there has seldom if been built a finer handgun. But it was built by hand and it shows just like my guns do.

any word on the 1911A1 's?? I really want one...

I am very disappointed to say the new 1911A1 has been shot dead. The gun and or guns were begining a parade out of the plant. When a shot which I personally think were from more than one gunman rang out. The Colt or Colts were launched forward in the convertable Lexus. And lubricating gun oil spilled. I again say the new 1911A1 is dead. And this is a tragedy of misconcieved proportions.
For all those interested.....
I'm told Colt is having a problem with obtaining and or manufacturing certain parts with the appropriate checkering that appeared on the original guns. Still, it would be nice to have a new 1911A1 with the original Colt rollmarks .
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