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While it's not much, one of our distributors actually lists the gun now (not in stock ofc)
The gun will most likely sell for just under $1000.
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Any pictures yet?
Thats a step in the right direction, lets hope it really happens.
Did you ask any questions about it?
We're hooked up with the distributor via computer, I noticed it when broswing through the list. Didn't ask about it, since it'll probably be a month or two if they follow their usual rate.
Besides, I probably know more about it from this forum than the distributor will :)
Called the distributor, said maybe 4 weeks.

Colt's news release about the gun; http://www.colt.com/colt/html/n_news_12.html

Colt's product section covering it, with a pic (that's pretty bad); http://www.colt.com/colt/html/a2h1_m1911a1.html

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Guess I know what I'll be getting for my 45th birthday...

... and just for dsk,,, would a Ed Brown memory groove beavertail be a drop in part on this Colt???

Rust never sleeps
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Hey, I wouldn't care if you ground, chopped, channelled, or altered the living Hell out of one. That way you wouldn't have to do it to a REAL GI Colt!

Nice to finally see they're not just a figment of somebody's imagination.
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Off Colt's Web Page:

-Pre Series 70 firing system

-Lanyard loop on arched serrated main spring housing

-Original WWII Rollmarks

-Parkerized finish

-Steel trigger

-Widespur hammer, safety and slide stop with original serrations

Oops. The original Colts with the wide spur hammer had CHECKERED parts, not serrated! The hammer is too big as well.

Nonetheless, with only 4000 being produced enough people will try to kill each other to get one anyway.
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Slide stops, Colt, Intermittently, serrated after 1670000. We got to change out that thumb safety though, unsat!

missed a detail - The hammer "Beaver Tail" yup should be checkered! Sorry, mean "Wide Spur"


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Finally, a picture! Thank you very much, FirearmsPlus.FL.

I'm afraid to ask, since I probably already know the answer: anyone know if it's going to be CA legal?
If the level of production is only 4000 and no more. Then this gun would be a bad candidate. For custom additions, I would recommend a genuine M1991A1.
Originally posted by Redzone:
If the level of production is only 4000 and no more. Then this gun would be a bad candidate. For custom additions, I would recommend a genuine M1991A1.
Well, the problem with the 1991 IMO is the ugly roll-marks. Some people don't like the 80 series stuff either.
OTOH, I'd love to see Colt come out with a matched frame-slide set like the 1911a1 here,hopefully for a decent price, since they wouldn't have to worry about all those parts.

Maybe serrations means checkered to Colt, who knows? :)
Heck, they're really proud of the cardboard box with wax-paper, mentioning it twice.

While I don't know if it'll be CA legal, could you picture having 3 of these guns dropped, kicked and whatever else teh CA tests need?
Saw one at FLD today.
Let's see, now.
Make a mechanically simpler, plainer finished gun similar to what you made your reputation with. Great.
Double the price. Who do they think they are kidding?
the 4000 people that pay 1000 bucks ,thats who.
Hi Jim,
If you saw one, what was the overall fit and finish like? Besides not being an original, what were your overall impressions after handling? Thanks.
Here's a picture of it from a dealer that is advertising it as one actually made in the '40s! See the thread under General Discussion.

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Well fooled or not, I'd buy one. But that's easy for me to say, since I live in CA, they're not for sale here.

But if they were, I'd buy one!
When, were, and how much?

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Get cozy with your favorite dealer. Colt is bringing them out now, so they will need to place the order soon so that you'll get one. Expect it to cost around $1k or so.
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