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1918 barrel markings

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Some one has sent me a piece of mail lately indicating they had a barrel with the P and H on top as well as a P on the lug. Now according to all the books (Clawson, Harrison...) there is noe reference to this combo. Anyone else seen this combo? It was in a 1940s A1 not a 1918 so if it was a forge I would guess the lug stamp was added since this would be the correct stamp for the barrel/gun year combo...DSK, any thoughts here?

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Give the guy my e-mail and I'll trade him for the correct barrel (assuming his is in good shape). The correct barrel for his gun would have "Colt .45 Auto" stamped down near the lower lug, and I have a spare. There were actually several "H P" barrel variations. The first (from S/N 25,000 to 120,000) had separate P and H letters stamped upright when viewed from the left side. Then intermixed at 85,000 up until 450,000 The P and H ran parallel to the centerline of the bore. Finally, from 425,000 to 710,000 the H and P formed a single character (HP) sharing the same leg. The ones including a P on the lower lug were the later ones for the Transistion M1911A1s.

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