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1943 U.S. Navy Smith & Wesson Victory .38 SPL (and I mean .38 SPL this time lol)

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Stumbled across a nice, numbers matching, 1943 US Navy S&W Victory and I just couldn't help myself.

After the US Property marked S&W Victory in .38 S&W I should have stopped looking.....

But I didn't and came across this U.S. Navy one in .38 SPL that comes with a nice "correct" holster.

It will be at my FFL next week .... SMH

Here is a link to an interesting article on them from the AMERICAN RIFLEMAN magazine: An Official Journal Of The NRA | "V" Is For Victory: The Smith & Wesson Victory Model Revolver

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Nice find OP. Love the history of the old revolvers used to secure the companies who supported the war effort.

Interestingly during WWII Hershey's not only produced "D-Ration" bars for the Military, they also produced anti-aircraft gun parts.

And Willy Wonka was created by some British dude in 1964. Lol
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