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1950-1955 Colt Government Models

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A 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, two 1954's and a 1955 Colt Government Model. All in .45 ACP.

The serial numbers range from 246030-C to 271665-C. Colt wasn't producing many .45 ACP GM's in those days. About 25,000 pistols, 5000 a year average. The average work year was 261 days. Simple arithmetic suggests rough production of 20 (or so), .45 ACP pistols per work day.

Maybe that's the reason .45 ACP GM's are so darned hard to find. Especially in relatively high condition.
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s there any multiple color swirls in the 1950 stocks? (And, it looks like the 1950, 51 and 52 stocks did/have not shrink/shrunk?)
A very, very slight hint of coloration, no swirls on the 1950 stocks. No, the early 50s stocks don't seem to shrink as much as the 60s versions. I have a set for a 1955 and they have not shrunk/shrunken (yet).
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