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1955 Colt 38 Super

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I have a Colt 1911 in 38 super that was manufactured in 1955. I bought it off the original purchaser along with 2 boxes of ammo he bought with the gun. He claims he fired about 200 rounds out of it over the years and the gun's condition backs this up. I am considering selling this gun. Any idea of it's value? Thanks.
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From my findings, it would be worth 700 plus. The 38 Supers seem to be more hard to find, obviosly as less were made. I recently saw a 57 sell for $1300, it was bascially NIB.
Ahh the 50s it was a generation of I don't know what, except for movies. I was born in 69 and did'nt even know a 38 super existed until my research begun in 97. Now I realize it was an unsuccessful attempt. At spending less to create the same result. The 38 though older than the 45. Was redesigned yet proven unworthy. At outselling even though faster and more accurate then the 45. But the information your looking for is'nt even touched. As you also have knowledge on this level. I would say your gun is worth maybe $900 to $1200. And i'm saying this as its an uninteresting era in 11s. Exept to the people who let one get away. Or embrace this era for whatever reason. And they usually get a jukebox and call it quits. Sorry for the negative input dude. But if you had caught me 3 or 4 yrs ago. You'd have a bank statement for $1300. As it is now I would be unhappy at $700. And i'm giving you the doubt.
Ive seen a few of them in the $700 range, the last being one for $695 that still had the factory grease between frame/slide. A freind of mine purchased it and was very happy (although he thought he paid too much ;-)

You can find them out there in that range, just takes some diggin.

The one i saw for $1300 was NIB, unfired. Makes a big difference.

Your best bet may be putting it on Auction Arms or Gunbroker etc... with a reserve that your happy with.
Around $450 -$500 if you sell it to a dealer.
You might get $600+ from a private buyer.
I bought one a this year and paid $600.
You do see them on Auction Arms often but there has not been a lot of interest. I have not seen bids over $600


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I just bought a 1960 38 super with a parkerized finish in about the same shape as you described for 500.00 from a local shop.You you check on auctionarms.com or gunbroker.com to get a comparison to see what they are selling for.
Thanks to everyone for the responses. I was just toying with the thought of selling. It is a really nice gun that I bought off of an elderly friend of mine about 5 years ago for $200, I was not sure of what the value of it was these days.
I would have to disagree with never seeing them go over 600. There are 2 Commercial Colts on AA right now, but in 45, one is currently at 700 the other is 865, with over 2 days left on both.
One note, the 1911 45 has a much more active market then the 38 super, so you need to compare it to like supers.

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