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1991 Face Lift

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I was lucky enough to have Pat beadblast my NRM 1991 before he left town and I'm very happy with the results.It took out alot of scratches and the rust that was forming under the grip.The matte finish makes it feel more like a tool than something I have to baby and wipe fingerprints from all the time.I really wish it came from the factory this way.He also talked me into a set of wood grips.I really haven't seen any wood grips that I liked on stainless until I saw that Buckeye Burl.These grips were made by Hogue and have swells in them that feel like they were made for my big hands.They're also alot easier on the spare tire if I don't wear an undershirt.

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Another "Slydlok Special"

Looks great! The feel of that blasted stainless is just like my Brown. Those grips look interesting too. Now about that trigger...:D

Real nice, I like that finish!

Hey AZ, what trigger do you recommend? I want to replace the trigger in my SS NRM Commander.
Wow that looks nice, That's exactly what I plan on doing to mine, while some may consider the matte (more like satin IMO) makes it look more like a tool, I still think that it's an elegant finish, looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Does Pat do beadblasting for anyone for just locals?
Yeah, I guess it's time for a new trigger.Been looking at the BCP hard use trigger.Never did like adjustable triggers on a carry gun.Darkest2000, I'm not sure if Pat does it for anyone other than locals.I will say if you have access to a beadblaster, it's very easy to do.Takes about 10 minutes after the gun is disassembled.
Reddevil said:
Been looking at the BCP hard use trigger.Never did like adjustable triggers on a carry gun.
I've had two of those BCP #14 triggers on different guns, and they are a very nice part.

And a nice, fine bead blast job looks very nice. Sort of satin-y.
Looks good Red.

I have a SS NRM that I've been working on.I have'nt decided if I'm going to give it the matte finish treatment or not.

On the trigger,I installed an STI short carbon trigger in mine.The black looks good with the ebony grips.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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