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1991 XSE

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Just purchased this pistol. It is new and was recently manufactured. Have not had a chance to fire it, so this may be premature. I am not an experienced 1911 person, but there seems to be excessive sharp edges on the slide. Cycling the slide about 50 times with Tuff Oil applied produced a lot of grey matter in the oil that looked like metal filings. Slide moved smoothly. The trigger is so-so, and the magazine is very difficult to insert in the mag well. Seems to hit a significant stop about two thirds into the frame.

Any suggestions how I might remove the sharp edges on the frame and what might be causing the mag to bind? I have a new Wilson which is absolutely fantstic, but want the Colt for nostalgia, even it it is a "new" model.

I am new to this site, but really enjoy it a lot and look forward to any advise or comments from you experienced folks out there.

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Many Stainless guns do tend to exhibit the "grey paste" syndrome until broken in and the parts mate to each other. I always give a new gun a through cleaning and inspection before I shoot it, and I keep it very well lubed during the initial break-in. The trigger may smooth up with a little use, and cleaning and lubrication may be helpful here as well.

The mag catch is stiff but positive on my XSE as well - again, unless it actually prevents mag insertion I would use it a while and see if it slicks up on it's own.

As for sharp edges - yes, Colt does not yet provide their guns with a "carry bevel" package from the factory. A gun looks better with crisp edges - it does not feel better, however. An area that can be improved on, for most people's taste, anyway.

Let us know how it smooths up after 500 rounds - I suspect it may be "just right".

Warmly, Col. Colt

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Col. Colt,

Thanks very much for the info. It's pretty much what I was thinking, but always like to get answers from those who know. Hope to shoot this gun soon and will let you know how it breaks in.
My Defender had a rough feel to it too. I just cleaned it good before I took it out to the range, and oiled it and oiled it again. After shooting, cleaned it good, and oiled it alot again. It took a couple hundred rounds to smooth it out, but now its like glass. Seems like most 1911's are stiff with clips at first, so far all Ive seen or owned. I put a good coat of oil on the clips, maybe it isnt needed but it helps wear stuff in it seems. I do make sure to wipe off excessive oil, and after things seat in, I am more conservative with the oil.
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