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1991A1 comm. S.S.& hollow points

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has anyone here, used Federal 230 gr. hydra-shok, Federal 165 gr. hydra-shoks? also Winchester 185 gr. sivertips H.P. how well do they feed and cycle through it. is there anything bad to say about the ammo use in the gun? the ammo is for carry & home defense. thanks!


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I've shot numerous 230 grain hydrashocks as well as 185 gr silvertips. All functioned flawlessly in my 1991A-1 Commander model, when it was stock and after some mods to the gun. I loved both but found the Silvertips
to have a bit less recoil and cheaper to buy.

You have to actually try it out in your gun. 1911s are notoriously individualistic about feed reliability if other than FMJ ammo is used. I've owned Commanders in the past that were 100% reliable, 90% reliable, and one that was 0% reliable.

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true true.
Make sure you buy a box of what you want to shoot and note how they function. Sivertips are noted for their reliability though; give them a "shot"

what I've done in the past is to buy a box of a certain hollowpoint, test fire, and if all feed OK, I'd buy another box or two to use for self defense. I'd ocassionally fire them at the range and resupply as needed. My favorites have been Hydrashocks 230 gr, 185 gr Silvertips, and Corbon 230 gr +P.
The key here for reliability is as follows, The feed ramp angle,The barrel throat,and most important the gap between the bottom edge of the barrel and the frames feedramp.If these are all in spec with proper tension on the extractor this pistol should feed a wide variety of ammo types with no problem.OCG1911
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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