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1st Hi Power (Standard in 9mm).

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Now, after 5 (was 6) 1911's, I have purchased my 1st Hi Power in 9mm. It is the standard model with adjustable sights. I had recently fired one at the range and loved the feel and accuracy of the gun.

Anything I should know about its care and feeding?


Be Safe, Shoot Well.:rock:
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Shoot it lots, clean afterwards and enjoy. I think Sauve's design is one of the best 9MM out there. An oldie but as good as it gets IMHO.

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thanks....i intend to take your advice starting the day she comes in at the range shop. as already mentioned, the one i shot felt very nice in the hand and it was just dead on accurate. i am looking forward to having one of my own and doing exactly what you suggested.

be safe, shoot well.:rock:
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