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2 piece guide rod issue

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Springfield Loaded Target SS

About 700 rds so far, 1st time 1911 owner.

Ok so I notices after the first couple of field strips that my 2 piece guide rod was loose after range time, (ie when i put the wrench on it, it just started turning freely).

Called SA, they asked if I was lubing the threads. I was. The recommended acetone to get them dry and problem should go away. Said to tighten it pretty well and should have no issue.

Did as instructed and went to the range. Same issue.

Called back and they recommended blue loctite. Don't have any so I aske about teflon tape, which I have. They said I could try it but if it doesn't help, blue loctite.

Anybody have any suggestions?

I know I'll get suggestions to replace with GI but I'd like to hear some suggestions to make what I got work first.

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I do use full length guide rods, but the one piece so nothing to come loose. I simply took the few two piece I had and used red Loctite, and cut down to the one piece length. Done. Never had one come loose when they were first used as a two piece however.

+2 on the Loctite Blue. There really is no better alternative for this application.
If your set on sticking with a FLGR then get a one piece and be done with it.

Like this one...

I have an EGW 2pcs FLGR and it has never loosed up on me. Or go to a 1ps which makes take down a little harder but no tools will be required.
Bit of a double edge sword here, Loctite Blue or Red only work as designed when you degrease the threads. Stainless threads on the other hand are subject to galling when they are not lubed... And you do not want to gall the threads on a guide rod.

Maybe Logmans advice is the best, put it together solid, cut it down so you can use it one piece and never need to take it apart again...

I use Vibra-Tite that works like Loctite but is made to remain in the threads and allow you to unscrew it. I got mine from MSC Corp. that sells a lot of machine shop tools and supplies. This stuff works well on grip screws that want to come loose. Neither the grips screws or two-piece guide rods come loose and you do not have to keep applying it every time.
Ok, good comments and suggestions.

If i use the red loctite to basically create a one piece, (im assuming i would use it on the threads) why would i need to cut it down?

Also, would making it a one piece disallow the field strip method where you start by removing the slide stop first?
I do believe that many two piece rods come out flush with the bushing which would make them too long to remove the plug without disassembly.

The one piece commander I have right now has a full length guide rod that is a bit short of the barrel bushing so it will still rotate to allow removal of the retainer plug.

Cutting down a two piece allows you to hold in the plug and turn the bushing without taking the two piece rod apart. If I am wrong hopefully one of the more knowledgeable guys will chime in

If your gun runs a reverse plug that is a whole other story....
I had the same issue with mine on my SA Loaded. I actually over tightened the guide rod and stripped it just a hair. I called SA and they sent me a GI guide rod and plug set up no questions asked. But, I like the sound and feel of a FLGR, so I went back to it. I found that since I stripped it, it actually stays in place better than when it was new. Funny how that works!

I did try blue loctite, but it's a drag to do that every time I clean my pistol.

Hope you find a solution that works for you.

Happy shooting and be safe.
Go with a standard guide rod. I hated the two piece in my loaded. I'm not a fan of FLGR in general but really dislike the two piece.
mine has come loose before too

I'm neither here nor there on FLGR...but I lean a bit to the "like them" side these days .

I DON'T like two pc though...for reasons already stated;
need of tool to take down and coming loose

I did find thoroughly degreasing threads with brake parts cleaner, then torque tight helped..but still the need for tool, so i removed them.

Think I'll follow Log's lead and grind the end down enough to rotate the bushing (like one pc FLGR) then permanently Loctite the threads

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Blue Loctite, Purple Loctite, just torque the crap out it dry...
or better yet just spend $20 and get in a 1pc FLGR or a GI rod.

I've never problems with my S/A 2pc FLGR in any circumstance.
Had the same problem with my Springfield 2 piece, also didn't like to have a screwdriver to take it apart. Bought this, fit perfect.

get a 1 piece guide rod. The 2 piece rods can break. Ask me how I know.
Sorry late response.

Ok I'll bite. How do you know?
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