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2 piece guide rod issue

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Springfield Loaded Target SS

About 700 rds so far, 1st time 1911 owner.

Ok so I notices after the first couple of field strips that my 2 piece guide rod was loose after range time, (ie when i put the wrench on it, it just started turning freely).

Called SA, they asked if I was lubing the threads. I was. The recommended acetone to get them dry and problem should go away. Said to tighten it pretty well and should have no issue.

Did as instructed and went to the range. Same issue.

Called back and they recommended blue loctite. Don't have any so I aske about teflon tape, which I have. They said I could try it but if it doesn't help, blue loctite.

Anybody have any suggestions?

I know I'll get suggestions to replace with GI but I'd like to hear some suggestions to make what I got work first.

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Had the same problem with my Springfield 2 piece, also didn't like to have a screwdriver to take it apart. Bought this, fit perfect.

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