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Good afternoon 1911 Forum members - 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC. (Wilson Combat Elite Dealer/Houston, TX based FFL) has 2 custom built EDC X9 pistols in stock and available for purchase. Click on the links below to view high resolution pictures and detailed technical specifications for each one.

EDC X9 : Black Frame/Black Slide with Tritium/Orange Circle Front Sight

EDC X9 : Stainless Slide with Black Armor Tuff / Black Frame with Tritium/Orange Circle Front Sight.

You may purchase direct from our site and we will ship to your FFL Dealer of choice within 24 hours. If you happen to live in or near Houston, TX you are welcome to make an appointment at our private professional showroom to view in person. If you would like an EDC X9 spec'd another way we can help with that as well - and have it Kitted within 24 Hours. No waiting list to Kit!!

Enjoy the pics!

Adam Fendrich
Owner, 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC.
(832) 387-6003
[email protected]


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