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200 SWC Hanging on feed ramp

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I have loaded several FMJ RN 230 loads with no problems in my Kimber. Tried a few Rainier 200 TCJ SWC and had a couple of jams with the bullet jammed into the leading edge of the feed ramp. I used Bullseye 5.6 gr per the Midway chart on the Rainier wedsite. They list that as a starting load.
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5.6 of Bullseye is kind of hot for a starting load. Sure that wasn't a max load, or a typographical error?

SWC's hanging up on the feed ramp can be caused by an overall length that is too short. If you are loading to less than 1.25", try that length and see if it helps.

I polish the feed ramp and breech face, but am not sure it is really necessary. It may help.

An improperly adjusted extractor can contribute to feeding problems. Search the previous posts in the pistolsmithing section for info about that.
I had the same problem when loading 200 SWC, using the published OAL of 1.19. When I switched to the OAL of 1.25, it solved all my problems.

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My Kimbers are a little sensitive to OAL. I try to keep both FMJ and SWC OAL to a maximum of 1.245" I also run a 18.5# recoil spring. Do not load Bullseye, so can offer no help there.


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Also be sure to check your taper crimp. I think 200 lead swc are more sensitive to the crimp than lead ball.
I have the same problem, it only happens on the first round. It makes no difference whether I rack the slide or let it drop from the locked position. After the first round in each Mag it does not happen under fire conditions. My all lead bullets work fine but the copper plated jam. I am not sure of the OAL at this time, but after reading the above posts I will be checking it next time I load.
I had the same problem from my Springfield when using SWC of ANY OAL. Switched to a 200gr. RNFP in that gun...problem solved.
Check oal and smooth the feed ramp. Both
of my Springfields will feed 200swc,HP,
and rn.
Best accuracy from 200swc reloads.!!
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