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2001 USPSA Junior Postal Match

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I hope everyone will ask their club/match director to set up the 2001 USPSA Junior Postal Match sometime this year. There are 3 stages, plus an optional “fun” stage, for your shooting pleasure. Scores will be entered periodically on the Juniors web page, so that you can see how you did against people from all over the U.S. Proceeds go to the USPSA Junior Program for shooting camp scholarships, uniforms for international competitions, etc. Without your support, the Juniors cannot shoot, period. Get your friends, family, etc., and take them to the range. Info for the match can be found at http://www.uspsa-juniors.org/. Take a moment and drop a line to your MD. Thank you.

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By June, every club in Eastern Colorado (my section) will have shot the Jr. Postal Match.

When our Pueblo club shoots it, the one and only Andy Hollar will be there shooting. I told him that since he designed the stages, he HAD to shoot them.

Talking the clubs within my section into running it match was easy, I just asked “What month are you planning on doing it?” I didn’t really ask if they wanted to do it.

Get out there and shoot guys.

Tom Freeman
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