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2006 Tactical Conference

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Rangemaster Winter Indoor Championship & Tactical Conference, 2006

Starting in 1998, every winter Rangemaster has hosted an Indoor Championship Match in February. Our range is indoors and heated, so wintry weather is not an issue. Most years, we take advantage of the indoor range to turn the lighting down to simulate conditions encountered in an urban environment at night, when defensive confrontations are most common. We shoot from concealment, with street gear and full power ammo. Back-up guns ARE allowed, and there are no restrictions on magazine capacity. Detailed information can be viewed at
http://thecurmudgeon.freeservers.com/ps/ .

The 2006 event will be on 25-26 Feb 2006, at Rangemaster in Memphis. The event will be shot from concealment, in low light, both with and without a flashlight. Targets will be reactive mannequins requiring threat discrimination and solid hits to put them down. Most of the stages are scenarios based on real world defensive situations, involving movement, use of cover, and shoot/don’t shoot decisions.

Since 2000, we have combined this shooting event with our annual Tactical Conference. Rangemaster’s facilities include a modern classroom with all the audio/visual aids, an area for hand to hand and airsoft scenario training, and more. Throughout the weekend of the match, there will be classes, seminars, and hands-on training exercises, conducted by some of the best instructors in the country. Match attendees get to participate in as many of these classes and seminars as they wish, all included in the entry fee. Trainers for 2006 will include John Farnam, Defense Training International; James Yeager, Tactical Response; John Hearne, Rangemaster; Skip Gochenour, Director, National Tactical Invitational; Paul Gomez, Options for Personal Security; Karl Rehn, KR Training; Tom Givens, Rangemaster; and several others. There is also a random prize drawing at the awards ceremony, also included in the entry fee.

Entry fee is $100.00. Space is strictly limited to the first 75 entrants to register. This event normally fills by Thanksgiving, so register soon if you wish to attend.

Rangemaster, 2611 S. Mendenhall Rd, Memphis, Tn, 38115
Phone 901-370-5600 fax 901-370-5699
[email protected]