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I loaded and have shot about 1000 of the 200 lead RN bullets with good results. Accuracy and reliability were comparable to my other standards, the 200 SWC and 230 RN, both also cast. A couple of pointers:
1. Make sure that they are sized .452". Some of the "cowboy" 200RNFP's are sized .454" to accomodate .45 LC guns. Obviously, this will cause pressure problems in a 1911.
2.Seat the bullets such that the case mouth is just at but not over the crimping groove (which was intended for a roll crimp in a .45 LC case). If the case mouth is over the groove, then the case won't get enough bite to adequately secure the bullet. If you seat the bullet too long, where say half of the top band is showing, the round may not chamber in some guns because the lead will engage the rifling before the case mouth engages the shoulder on the chamber. Or, if the round does chamber, it will be hard to extract an unfired round when clearing because the bullet will be stuck in the rifling. I seat the bullet right up to the edge of the crimping groove and taper crimp to .469"-.468". I don't recall the overall length, but if you seat as descibed above, the rounds are well within normal parameters, somewhere between 1.240" and 1.275" (the max OAL).
3. Powder charges. I use 5.0-5.7 gr W231, depending on if I am loading for practice or IDPA. Velocities have been comparable betweein the RN and SWC. Accuracy with the 200 RN has been OK, at least at IDPA distances (5-15 yds).
Hope this helps.
Bill Go
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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