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just picked up this and here is a short vid. first pic is 9mm shot at 7 yards. sights were set up for a six o'clock hold and I would fire a few rounds and adjust til I was at my POA, the zero. next is a few rounds of .22tcm with a screen grab at the end. more in depth review soon. enjoy!


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TCM puts a grin on my face too.
Had it out last week

something a bit disconcerting happened though..

as i was retrieving my brass, found three cases with splits at the shoulder .
This was factory new Armscor ammo (PI made) just bought recently

saw none of that with the first 600 rnds (250 PI made and 350 US made)
I had no stuck cases with the PI made, had LOTS with the US made.
so this current order I bought all PI made

you guys that reload, how many loadings are you getting before you see splits?
(I have everything I need to load, just haven't made time yet to start)

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