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In rifle bullets, hollow points were designed as match bullets. The reason for their inherent accuracy, according to the manufactures, is that more of the bullet's wieght is to the rear - which leads to better stability in flight. This is also the same reason some benchrest shooters prefer flatbase bullets to boat-tail designs.

In pistol bullets, I don't really think hollowpoint designs are necessarily more accurate than other designs. Bullseye shooters have been shooting hollow-base wadcutters (where most of the bullets wieght is up front, instead in the back) for years with great success. Perhaps this has something to do with slower velocities and rotational speeds pistol bullets encounter in flight.

I honestly don't know why hollow points shoot better than FMJ's, but it seems to be true in all my pistols. However, I can usually get cast lead bullets to outshoot jacketed bullets (any style), when I keep the speeds fairly low.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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