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25th Anniversary Limited Edition Pistol Set

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I just came across a Kimber “1 of 250” 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Pistol Set, brand new, for $2,150 at a gun shop; the MSRP is $2,620. The pair consists of a Kimber Custom and a Kimber Gold Match with matching serial numbers.

To insure that they keep their value, and to “justify them” ;) as an investment, I would not shoot them. Fortunately, I have enough others that I really don’t have to shoot these two.:)

I understand that it is impossible to predict with any certainty what their value could be in the future. That aside, would you consider $ 2,150 a fair/good price? (I have done some searches and have not been able to find anything. I have found the individual guns, their limited edition versions, but not the set. )


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I'm dissappointed

with the Gold Match version of the twosome. Had to send it back to Kimber to put the plunger tube on. Now it has a jamming problem which I think is related to the extractor. The good news is that these pistols are built with classical elements and should be easier to work on and they are good looking guns. I still think that it will become a good running pistol. I never did think of it as any kind of investment. Kimber has too many "limited editions" for that purpose.

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My local gun-shop has had one of those set for months and months.
I am by no means an expert on investment pistols. So please take my
comments with a grain of salt.

I don't think any Kimber will be a good "collector". At least in our lifetime.
What I mean is Kimber doesn't have any history behind it. But 100 years
from now? Who knows. I mean if a Kimber 1911 goes down in history
as the "Gun that got Bin-Laden", you are set.

On the other side of the argument: what does help Kimber is
the USMC contract. And that is something that has just happened in the
past year.

If I were in the market for Kimbers and didn't have any 1911s, I would
buy the kit and shoot it. I figure it would be more valuable if I make my
own history. I.e. These were my Grandad's 1911 from the GWOT or something
like that. That is something that I think is neat.

I do have some advice on investments in general: Don't fall in love with
them. Buy or sell them on their merits alone.

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