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Texas Tactical will be putting on a
3 GUN "COMBAT" MATCH on Sunday October 30th at
the Hays County range between Austin and San Antonio.
Any and All Safe Shooters are welcome to attend!
If you would like to attend but do not have all 3
guns, there are usually plenty of people willing
to share a rifle or shotgun. If you bring Ammo
for the gun you are short ie: 12 guage or .223
someone will be glad to let you shoot their gun.

Sign up: 0830 - 0915hrs

From our website:

"Texas Tactical holds 3 Gun combat matches at
various times throughout the year. The objective
of these matches is to allow people to become
more familiar with and to improve and test their
skills in a simulated CQC (close quarters combat)
environment with their 3 main defensive tools:
Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun. It also provides a
venue where shooters can show how well rounded
their "combat" skills are in one match.

Our 3 Gun Matches generally consist of 2 Handgun
stages, 2 Rifle stages and 2 Shotgun stages. We
will be using IDPA targets for the Handgun and
Rifle stages and steel, balloons and other
reactive targets for the Shotgun stages. IDPA
rules and scoring will be utilized! Use of
available cover will be required. No "competition
only" equipment may be used. All equipment must
be of a practical nature. If you have any
questions please Email us at:

[email protected].

Map and directions to the Range can be
found on our website: WWW.TEXASTACTICAL.NET




Custom Defensive Pistol

Stock Service Pistol

Enhanced Service Pistol

Stock Service Revolver.


Iron Sights

Optical Sights

Limited Division
Limited Division is for those wishing to compete
with CCUs, Camp Carbines, Lever Actions or
anything else that has a limited ammo capacity.
(This Division will be limited to 10 rounds
maximum in your rifle.)

Battle Rifle
(Battle Rifle Division is for large caliber
service rifles, such as Fals, Galils, M1s etc.)

Class III

Shotgun: To keep a level playing field shotguns
competeing in the Manual and Autoloader Divisions
will be loaded with 6 rounds maximum to start a
COF. Open Division may start fully loaded.
Speedloaders are not permitted for any division.
(birdshot only unless otherwise stated by the

Auto Loaders


(Manual Division will include any Manually
operated shotgun, ie: Pumps, Bolt Action, Lever

(Open division is for shotguns with optics or
compensators. Shotguns used in this division may
be loaded to full capacity.)"

If You have any questions feel free to Email or
call. Hope to see y'all there!

Michael "Iron Mike" Webb
Texas Tactical
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