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3-Gun Gear

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Has anyone used SOE Subload gear for their 3-gun matches? Here's a link, I only found out about them recently and don't know anything good or bad about them.

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It looks to be well made and thought out from the pics. However, it looks like the end user would either be some SWAT wannabe or a SWAT officer.

Too slow/too much rention for games, even for SOF games.

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Originally posted by Tom Freeman:
Too slow/too much rention for games, even for SOF games.
Hey Tom!

You seem to know a lot about the games...do you do 3-gun? What type of gear do you use? I have looked at Blackhawk stuff. I've heard of Londonbridge, Tactical Tailor and Eagle online though I haven't seen them at any local stores.
You seldom need more than one reload in rifle stages, including SOF, (so carry two!). Ky-Tac as well as others) makes excellent kydex mag holders for the AR that allow you to grab and index similar to the pistol.

Side note for you PROC guys: some of the brethern from north of the border still shoot SOF, even though they can't have an AR at home. They either borrow from a good buddy or keep one stashed in the U.S. Food for thought.

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Are those mags doubled up with a Mag Cinch or something? If so looks like a good rig, otherwise, if you open it and take one out, you pretty much have to stop everything to latch it again or you'll lose the second mag in the cell.

I have (what is supposed to be) and old Stoner-design 3-mag pouch that is quick and secure. Also have the Rhodie pouch which is decent.... and have in the distant past (and.... earlier today!) used the Chinese 3-mag AK pouch. Took off the little wooden buttons and put Velcro instead, that worked fine. I have some gamey mag holders that are very fast but I would not want to have to run for my life 100 yards and arrive needing those mags, they would not be there.
I use safariland and bladetech now. The first year I went to SOF,I used Tactical Taylor stuff because I thought thats what you were supposed to use by reading the rules. Man was I pissed when I got there and everyone was using the same gear I left at home and I did look like a swat wanna be!
blade tech or pierside holster makes SOF legal mag pouches that are ideal for 3 gun
black hawk are fair. flaps on mag holders tend to slow you down if not fumble to get a magazine.
you want to try to make it as simple and fast and easily accesable as possible. Never mind the CQB look, or the wanna be SWAT look. if you watch the top action shooters out there , they don't come in full commando suits. I've seen guys come in matches looking good with all
the tactical gear,fumbling ,dropping magazines all over the place because they have it all over
there body that they don't know where to get the next mag from. the main thing in matches is make it easier for you to get your mags ,shells, and draw your weapon as easy as possible .don't get a gear that obstruct your hands from getting to your ammo and weapon just because it looks elite. I'm no expert but i've shoot
3 guns before and i've learned from the best that simplicity is what makes you a better
kidd said:
blade tech or pierside holster makes SOF legal mag pouches that are ideal for 3 gun [snip] you want to try to make it as simple and fast and easily accesable as possible. Never mind the CQB look, or the wanna be SWAT look.
Hey bud!!!! Did you shoot last weekend? I had holiday stuff to do with the folks, so I didn't make it out.

I'm wondering if Blade-Tech has any stuff for .308 mags. I e-mailed them (or called, I forget) but I don't know if they got my message. I'm going for anything but the SWAT-wannabe look. The problem is sometimes the drop-leg things are appealing to me because at a 30" waist, I run out of real-estate really fast. With 4 pistol mags on me, I don't have room for anything else.

Where do I get the SOF 3-gun rulebook? Only SOE Gear and Blackhawk seem to have .308 accomodations. What do the rest of you use for shotshells? The Choat shellshuckers seem really popular.

try pierside holsters or mad dog . they have mag pouches that
is straped on your leg. pierside can even custom make the pouches for you , which ever way you want. just explain to them
what you need, they are good people and caters to SOF competitors.
Hey Kidd,

I tried searching for Pierside and Mad Dog and both pages (linked from numerous police and security pages) are AWOL!!
sorry Jeff i guess mad dog is not selling anything right now and pierside must be
defunked. but blade tech is still there. e-mail them or call them for custom work
for a M1 mag holder (make sure you say you want SOF specs if thats what you want)
SOF specs:
Mag pouches : must only show 2 inches of magazine (handguns) and i believe 3 inches for
rifle. +2 ext. base pads must not be bright colors.
Holsters : covers trigger guard and ejection port
Handguns: no comps,hybrid and no scopes (limited class gun only)
Shotguns:28 inches barrel limit , no ext. tubes longer than barrel
no IPSC easy loaders. no colorful stocks (you know like that bright pink camo you like)
Rifle: ar15 type, AK,SKS,AUG ,M1 type , MINI 14 (acceptable). no comps ,scopes are
okay but must be military approved like : ACOG,Colt ,ELCAN . there maybe others included
in this list .but mostly dominated be ACOG and ELCAN.

hope this helps.
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Kidd, Unless the rules have change its 22" on the shotgun and the world 3-gun and SOF are two different matches. The 2000 match was the last SOF match in Vegas. They are a lot of fun and for the most part normal carry gear works good for pistol,for the AR safariland pouches work great. Theres a bunch of options for the shotgun as far as shell holders.
the last time i was in Vegas for the match was in 1999 . missed the last match
and i hear that the boys from 5 dogs in Bakersfield separated with Col. Brown and is now
World 3 gun . are the fees the same. i hope they lowered it some and maybe get more
sponsors?anyway good shooting to you.
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