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30-06 ammo question

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A friend of mine who is a sheriff gave me some ammo .45 acp .38 and 30-06 from the dept cage that was going to be destroyed.

This 30-06 ammo is something I have never seen before, Its a lead round and the stamping on it are F A 34 and some of the others are stamped F A 28 and F A 35.

Does anyone know who made this ammo and what do these stampings mean??

Thanks as always...
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I concur with Jacobtowne on this. As for as I know FA ammo was never made with straight lead bullets. I could be mistaken, but since FA was a government plant and the military does not use non-jacketed bullets leafs me to also think hey are reloads. I would not shoot it at all.


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Check the headstamps on the 30-06 and 45 acp . If they're dated before 1953 , it's going to most likely be corrosive primed . Nasty stuff .

Like you said , it's not worth the risk shooting ammo of unknown origins .
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