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I now use only Alliant Power Pistol for my 38 Super. It meters as good as any powder I have ever used and is clean burning. I don't know what you are looking for but I can offer you the following:
Target / Practice -
7.2 gr Power Pistol with 115 gr Montana Gold HP. OAL 1.253
Hunting / Self Defense
7.6 gr PP with 115 gr Hornady XTP OAL 1.251
6.3 gr PP with 147 gr Hornady XTP OAL 1.260
All three loads are capable of 6 shots in one hole at 15 yards. The 7.6 with 115 Hornady is probably the most accurate.
Have only Chronograph the 7.2 load --ave 1264 FPS. (If CCV would quit breaking his chrono then I would have more data for you)
The above loads do not exceed the "Book" loads for 38Super. I hope you enjoy your 38S, I certainly do. It is a lot of fun to fire, very economical to reload, and gives you some extra firepower if you ever need it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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