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38 Super vs. 9x23

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OK, I've got a couple of questions. I am building up a 38 super gun for IPSC open class. I've read some stuff on how you can shoot 9x23 in a 38 super.

1. Is it REALLY OK to shoot 9x23 in a gun chambered for 38 super ?

2. Are there 9x23 specific extractors or do you just adjust one meant for 38s to accomodate the rimless case ?

I've heard there may be some advantages to the 9x23 over the super so that's why I'm wondering. I'd appreciate any information on the subject. Thanks.

I just thought I'd also add that the barrel is a Briley ramped (fully supported case) linkless barrel in 38 super in case that matters.

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...don't do that.

Go to the gunsmithing section and re-post your question...

Wait 'til you've more info before you shoot ANYTHING with a different headstamp in ANYTHING!


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Build one gun and stick to it. Sorting the brass is a major pain in the butt. If you want a 38 super in a rimless design, go with the 38TJ or 38 super comp. For my money I would go with the 9x23 and just shoot 9x23 win or 9mm supercomp from starline. It's obvious that the major manufacturers don't give you alot to choose from so I make my own. That why availability isn't a factor to me.
Dimensionally the 9x23 is quite like the .38 super but the 9x23 case is built with a stronger web and thicker walls. The 9x23 will send a 125 gr bullet down range at 1,500 + fps. I think that there is more potential in what you can do with the loads in a 9x23 vs. .38 super.

Check out Dane Burns web site he is supposed to know alot about the 9x23.
the two cases are pretty close to each other. If I remember correctly, the 9x23 is .004 smaller at the case mouth and .002 larger at the case head. Each will chamber in the others barrel. Each will shoot and function in each others barrel...Whether you do it or not is up to you..

Mixing up the brass is a pain as they are different on the reloader..the case heads need different shell plates. the 9x23 brass is a LOT thicker that super brass and offers the advantage of a tapered case and no semi-rim. Factory ammo goes 1500 plus with a 124SP. The extractor needs to be tuned and there is a bunch of other tweaks that you will need to do. 38TJ and 38SC offers the advantage of losing the semi-rim of the super..Pick one and go for it..Super brass is the cheapest with WIN9x23 being very expensive.
OK, sounds like I'm just going to stick with the 38 super since that's what the gun is already set up for and will be cheaper.

One more thing though, since I'm still not 100% sure on this. Are the 38TJ and 38SC a completely different caliber than 38 super, or are they meant for use in a 38 super gun with the "TJ" and "SC" being just a way of describing the differences in the cases.

Thanks all for the info.
From what i understand they both differ from the 38 super in the case rim area. I think the SC offers a rebated rim and the TJ offers the rebated rim with a deeper extractor groove. The TJ might be thicker, like the 9x23, but I have not seen the TJ brass first hand. The SC is the same wall thickness as the super. They will all chamber in a super gun and a tweak of the extractor will be needed.
I had read and I am not sure just where that the 9x23mm Brass first started as "Cut Down" 5.56 (223 Rem) Cases.

But for more info on the 9x23mm goto All About 9x23 (that's where I read that).
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