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38 TJ brass.........

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Okay, I asked this many, many moons ago and can't find the 'bookmark' (too many).

The TJ is externally the same as a 38 Super, but it is a rimless (not semi like the Super). Also, the internals are like the 9x23, thick webbed, not thin like the Super. Now, do I have my facts right????

Next, where can I order some 38 TJ brass. Hornady has them for about $30+ for 100!!! I had a site bookmarked, but it's been so long I don't recall where I put the dang book mark.......

Please point me to a place that sells it.

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You have your facts right.

I have been using TJ brass for about a year now and I like it a lot.

I got mine from Jack Norris, 800-554-3230. It ran about $100 for a thousand. Dawson says he carries it, but I have never tried to order any from him.

Good luck to you.

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