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.45 ACP brass source

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I'm looking for a source of .45 brass, preferably once fired. .40S&W, .223, etc are easy to find, but I'm having trouble with the .45. Any info would be appreciated. I'm looking for about 3000 - 5000 rounds of good once fired brass. Thanks
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A friend of mine just bought a batch of 1-fired 45acp brass from HQ Brass and was very very happy with it...

I have also bought a batch from Brassman in LV a year or two ago... Again very nice quality but a bit pricey for what I got...I was still happy.

I just bought a big batch of Winchester 1-Fired Brass from a long time, well known vendor on EBay......VERY happy with the quality and price on that deal....

So I guess you can't go wrong with the above as long as you are paying attention and asking questions before paying for it.........

Boy, is this an old thread or what??
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