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Since last time I posted about my new CCO in 45ACP, I made a few more changes:

A. VZ grips
B. Mag-na-ported
C. Flat bottomed FPS
D. Oversized barrel bushing

The VZ grips are great but they highlighted an issue I had not noticed with the Fusion grips: the front strap is not shaped properly on the left side. Not much I can do but shoot it at this point! I was surprised to see this since it is ‘machined from bar stock’ and not a casting or forging.

The Mag-na-porting helps a bit but does not have the same impact as with 9mm. I assume it is due to the pressures involved. It does look cool, though.

The new FPS is a EGW part and was fun to fit. I took my time, measured a lot, checked a lot, and it fits nicely. It makes a difference when shooting.

The original bushing was really loose in the slide and with the pistol fully assembled, the bushing was noticeably canted at an angle to the front of the slide by the force of the recoil spring. It was ugly. I replaced it with an oversized Fusion stainless bushing and spring plug. The bushing was cut down from a GI length and then fitted to the slide and barrel. It is very tight now.

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The grip panels are driving me nuts now. Must be some form of OCD! At this point and I am going to see about custom grips. I will try a call to Fusion and we will see where that goes. Honestly, I had such high hopes for this gun but if I look back at the journey, it is disappointing:

Issues fixed by Fusion:
1. Grip safety not working and did not pass safety check when picked up at FFL
2. Trigger too short and loose in groove, very loose fitting trigger with high amount of vertical travel
3. Magwell loosened up after shooting first magazine of ammo, so loose I was surprised it didn't fall off completely (thank Goodness for the tab-and-slot keeper)

Issues fixed by me:
1. Barrel bushing poorly fit, slide machined larger than spec for bushing - Fusion offered to sell me a new bushing - so I got the opportunity to buy a new bushing from Fusion (Government Model only available) and cut down and hand fit it myself; The slide measured so large I could only find the Clark and Fusion model to fit (after a call to EGW gave me some guidance - what a great crew at that company!)
2. Grip screw holes not machined correctly - path forward pending
3. Magwell replaced with S&A part due to look and past experience with loosening
4. Disconnector rail peening from sharp edge on the top of the hammer rebounding against it during operation (replaced sear and hammer with Ed Brown)

Good things:
1. The pistol was and is very accurate - interesting because the rifling seems very shallow
2. It had/has a good trigger - in fact, I stiffened up the trigger because it was 3-3.5 lbs out-of-the-box (and subsequently replaced sear/hammer)
3. It is a CCO model and 'Made in the USA' (worn-out and old fashioned, I know, probably machined on Japanese or Czech machine tools)
4. Steel frame, not aluminum
5. No roll marks on slide
6. Decent original purchase price
7. Available

I am used to fiddling and replacing extractors and firing pin stops on new 1911's (similar to how the Tisas guy on this board has an obsession). This was just a bit over the top. Maybe it is due to being a COVID period manufactured pistol. As an organization, they offer a lot of good features and prices are reasonable but the execution needs some time to refine things. I hope this post does not cause trouble with the moderator, I just wanted to point some things out.


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The misaligned “left” grip panel was reported sometime ago by this lady.

Mine also has the goofy “Left Crooked Grip” panel.
VZ replacement grips almost solved this problem.
Mine are now just a “Titch” out of alignment.

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Maybe a bad run of frames? Sad to see it- I considered one but was concerned that they would let that go... enough so that I wondered what else they might overlook.

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Sent pics to Fusion and their reply was ‘looks fine to me’. That is all I needed to hear.

Moving on!
If your happy, then be done with it.

Just doesn’t make sense that those “Cheaper 1911 manufacturers” can install grip bushings/panels square, but this so-called “Premium 1911 manufacturer“ can pass off these mistakes as “it looks good to me” products.

So, just let it be a “warning” to new future Fusion buyers.
Fusion is aware of this “misalignment“ but passes off “half azzed” workmanship as “Good to go” at a premium price.
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