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.45 extractor in a 10mm/.40 ?

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Will it work? From the pics I've seen it appears the only difference on a 9mm/38Super/40S&W extractor is the front lug is missing, allowing the hook closer to centerline of the breech... Is that all or are there other dimensional differences?

P.S. I wouldn't ask if I didn't already have an abundace of .45 extractors...
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Modifying a 45 extractor may be more work than it is worth. The 45 extractor has two pads mid-length down the extractor. The 9/38/40 extractor only uses one on the outside of the extractor. The dimensions approaching the hook end of the extractor are are also different. If you do not make the modification correctly the extractor will not work correctly. I would suggest investing in a 9/38/40 extractor.

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You can file off the inside lump on a .45 extractor and make it work in a 9/38/10/40, but it isn't worth the effort. Unless it breaks on Fri nite, you have a match on Sat morn and you gave your last spare to a fellow shooter on Thurs and all you have is a .45 extr.
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