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.45 Super upgrade

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I've been wanting a Kimber TLE/RL stainless 10mm for
a few years, but they only make it in "black". I emailed
them and was told to buy The Eclipse model, but I don't
like that model. I've looked at all the other nice stainless,
10mm 1911's on the market, but they're all over $1200,
and even for $1200 you get minimum features.

So I said, "SCREW THIS" and converted my Kimber TLE/RL
stainless .45 acp to .45 SUPER, which gives close to the
same ballistics as the 10mm; using Underwood .45 Super,
185 gr XTP/JHP's I get 1300/700 power, which matches
10mm 185 gr rounds AND I only needed to add $28 worth
of parts to my pistol.

Parts -
1. 22# recoil spring & extra power firing pin spring $7
2. 25# mainspring $6
3. Flat firing pin stop plate $15

AND for added dependability I use 5% higher power magazine
springs, which increase function/reliability; especially using the
8 round followers in my magazines.

ALSO, to fire "lesser" .45 acp rounds I just need to easily switch
to a 18.5 recoil spring.

This setup in my TLE/RL fires like "butter" and (by the way) you
do NOT need a "fully supported/ramped barrel", like so many of
those with no real knowledge tell you online. The .45 Super cases
are plenty strong, and there is no "bulging" of the case. Now if
you wanted to go even hotter than the factory rounds, it would be
a good idea to go with a ramped barrel.

Underwood makes the best "higher power" rounds, in my opinion,
in several calibers, and charge HALF of "others" ammo. The nickel
cases, cannelured/swagged bullets and smokeless/low flash powders
are great. I also happen to think the XTP bullet is the best all around
available today.

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CDMCKY, sounds like some interesting fun for a very small investment. I admit I would prefer some version of regular old .45 ACP for carry/SD, etc. I did carry a .45 ACP full time for several years actually. But, to each his own. I admit I am a 10MM fan, but don't carry the 10 either. BTW, I wouldn't be surprised if some .45 Super loads exceed 10MM ballistics. I have used the old Norma 10MM 200 @ 1200, CorBon 165 @ 1380, Buffalo Bore 180 @ 1380, all Chronographed in my guns, but would consider those possibly a bit much for everyday carry........ymmv
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