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.45 Super upgrade

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I've been wanting a Kimber TLE/RL stainless 10mm for
a few years, but they only make it in "black". I emailed
them and was told to buy The Eclipse model, but I don't
like that model. I've looked at all the other nice stainless,
10mm 1911's on the market, but they're all over $1200,
and even for $1200 you get minimum features.

So I said, "SCREW THIS" and converted my Kimber TLE/RL
stainless .45 acp to .45 SUPER, which gives close to the
same ballistics as the 10mm; using Underwood .45 Super,
185 gr XTP/JHP's I get 1300/700 power, which matches
10mm 185 gr rounds AND I only needed to add $28 worth
of parts to my pistol.

Parts -
1. 22# recoil spring & extra power firing pin spring $7
2. 25# mainspring $6
3. Flat firing pin stop plate $15

AND for added dependability I use 5% higher power magazine
springs, which increase function/reliability; especially using the
8 round followers in my magazines.

ALSO, to fire "lesser" .45 acp rounds I just need to easily switch
to a 18.5 recoil spring.

This setup in my TLE/RL fires like "butter" and (by the way) you
do NOT need a "fully supported/ramped barrel", like so many of
those with no real knowledge tell you online. The .45 Super cases
are plenty strong, and there is no "bulging" of the case. Now if
you wanted to go even hotter than the factory rounds, it would be
a good idea to go with a ramped barrel.

Underwood makes the best "higher power" rounds, in my opinion,
in several calibers, and charge HALF of "others" ammo. The nickel
cases, cannelured/swagged bullets and smokeless/low flash powders
are great. I also happen to think the XTP bullet is the best all around
available today.

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With the mods made to the mainspring and FPS, for full-power .45 ACP you might try a 14# recoil spring.
If I'm shooting .45 acp, it's +P, so the 14# is WAY
too light, even with the other parts. The 18.5# is
just right with Golden Saber 185 gr +P ammo.

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Id like to feel the recoil of the 45 Super next to a 10mm 1911.
Oddly enough ive done all the same mods to my Delta Elite as you have except my mainspring is stock.
24# Wilson flat wire recoil spring and buffer.
Flat bottom EGW firing pin stop.
+10% mag springs from Wolff
I also carry Underwoods 200gr XTP 1250fps ammo 700flb energy.

I hope your Kimber holds up,but sounds like you have taken every precaution to make the gun safe and ready. Good luck and be safe!
In my Delta I have a 20# recoil, FPS and a 28# mainspring, as my
trigger was very light and I wanted to heavy it up a little more. The
pistol functions nicely with Double Tap 200 gr XTP/JHP's, sending the
empty cases about 10'.

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Is it worth it to me to have an extra 100fps when my underwood 185grain gold dots are 1200fps?

I have contemplated this for years.

Where did you buy your parts from?
The Gold Dots don't perform as well as XTP bullets at higher velocities,
and a 185 gr .45 Super XTP @ 1300 fps also gives 100 more ft lbs of
energy, which (I think) really works for SD/CCW.

I get my springs from Wolff Gun Springs, and I buy my Underwood
ammo from Midway USA, who sells it for the least. I've also found
that the recoil from 185 gr acp +P isn't noticeably different from the
185 gr .45 Super, and in my experience the .45 Super IS smoother
shooting than comparable 10mm rounds.

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185gr @ 1300 fps sounds fine for deer @ 50 yds. Horrible for s.d./CCW.
1. You don't hunt with hollow points

2. Underwood 185 gr XTP/JHP's afford enough power to handle a wide
range of SD scenarios, for those with skill, and what's "horrible" is
having a puny caliber/load in a gunfight

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I think your actual FPS with the gold dot is a little lower, but
with 185 gr. .45 Super XTP/JHP's you do get 1300 FPS from a
5' 1911 - AND The XTP works quite well at higher velocities.
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