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.45 w/ H. Universal?

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This is the cleanest burning powder my local store carries, so they said. I bought 8 lbs of it.

Anyone use it? If so, what is your favorite setup with it? Bullet weight/shape, OAL, charge.

There is a lot of load data in the books, but I never see anyone useing it.

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I use that powder in .40 and have tried it in .45. I don't remember the charge I used but it was listed on the Hodgin web site. I was using a 200 gr SWC lead bullet. It shot well and was cheap but a little inconsistent compared to WW231 wo I went back to 231.

I would not hesitate to use it if I had 8 lbs! It shoots great in my .40. Good luck!
LFortune45, .40 cal is why I have 8lbs it, that is all I have loaded for the past few years.

Is the WW231 compareable to the H. Universal as far as fouling?
The two seem to be about equal in fouling to me. I'm not a good person to ask because I am famous with my shooting buddies for not cleaning guns. I went to Universal because the 231 seemed too hot in the .40. At that time I was loading 180s for a friend and he was getting leading at major power factor velocity. When I changed to universal that stopped. It works great with the lead 205s. No leading and very light recoil, still makes major. I can say that I have to clean the .40 and .45 after about the same number of rounds.
Works well for me in 9x19 and .40 S&W. It did NOT work for me in .45 ACP. I have read where other folks were pleased with it in .45 ACP. Best I can say is to give it a try.

Good Luck,

I love it in .45 I use it with 3 different bullets

remington gold saber
mag tec FMJ
and berry plated
all 230 grn

6.7 grains works great in my Springfield loaded
I bought a bunch of once fired nickle cases
sorted by headstamp (no reason other than different bullets different head stamps)

seated the gold saber to 1.250
and the other 2 at 1.265


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I found it to be accurate enough in .45, but SDs all over the place. No big deal unless you get chrono'ed for power factor.

I use Universal Clays in all my 45 loads. Works great, very clean burning, no fouling, and I have no trouble making power factor. I load 230 gr FMC almost exclusively, but occasionally load 200 gr. Hornady swaged bullets. Some slight leading with the 200 gr bullets so I usually don't load these. I think in the future with the 200 gr lead bullets I will switch to just plain Clays and this might eliminate the leading almost completely.

What load do you use for your 230gr FMJ in Universal Clays? I think I was using 5.6 grains, but never had access to a chrono. What velocity did you get?

jedibrain said:

What load do you use for your 230gr FMJ in Universal Clays? I think I was using 5.6 grains, but never had access to a chrono. What velocity did you get?

I load 6.1 grs. with UC and my average chronographed velocity is 813 fps. This is out of a Colt 1991-A1, series 80, with a 5" barrel. Chrono was set at 7' in front of the muzzle.
The loads I use with Montana gold bullets and Universal are:

6.3 185 JHP
6.2 200 JFP
6.0 230 FMJ

all the loads are very accurate in my assorted .45 1911s

My data shows a 230gr FMJ max load at 6.0gr and almost 900fps, for Universal Clays.

What does your data say?


Here's some of the data I have;

Hodgdon No. 27 Data Manual
U. Clays 6.0 grs. 853 fps

Hornady 5th Edition
U. Clays 6.1 grs. 850 fps
U Clays 6.4 grs. 900 fps

My Colts seemed to like the 6.1 gr. loads and were pretty accurate at 25 yards, good enough for me anyway. All above loads by the way are for the 230 gr. FMJ.
I had horrible luck with U. Clays. My 220 LRN loads were erratic beyond belief. I could never make PF with this powder, as I had spreads of 100 fps or more. I tried the powder 3 times with 3 different measures, plus an additional time with hand weighed loads. The results never changed. I've never had this problem with any other powder, and my W231 loads usually have spreads of 20 fps or less.

I was using Winchester primers for all loads. Thought about trying magnum primers but decided to "save" this 4 lb jug for .38 special loads.
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