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Originally posted by andyb:
I have about 300 rnds FMJ (only) through my Charles Daly EFS. I'm looking for the "right" defensive round. I hope it will feed properly - the rounder the better, I guess.

Also, please give typical pricing.



The most important factor in any defense round is reliable feeding in your gun.
Second is penetration and finally bullet performance as to expansion.
Throughout the world, more confrontations have been settled with FMJ, or "hardball" than with any other bullet type. It is hard to argue with success. In the civilian world, Federal Hydra-Shok has a proven track record with LE. In the gelatin wars, hydra-shoks sometimes doesn't expand; but I've never seen any tests that the round didn't penetrate to vital organ depths.

The Gold Dot hollow-points have a good reputation also. Personally, I wouldn't carry anything under 200gr.'s The Speer/CCI 200gr +P gold dots have shown good penetration and positive expansion in tests I've read. www.pistolsmith.com

You can check the websites for pricing as well as I can, so I will leave that research to you.
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