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Originally posted by andyb:
I have about 300 rnds FMJ (only) through my Charles Daly EFS. I'm looking for the "right" defensive round. I hope it will feed properly - the rounder the better, I guess.

Also, please give typical pricing.



if you got a good feeder you can shoot
about anything. a polish job helps.
now for the real question, i like speer
gold dot 185gr hp 1100fps. a good source
at a good price is georgia arms phone
1 800 642 6861. cost is 13.75/50rnd.
yes thats 50 not 20 or 25. rem golden
sabers in 185+p is 1200fps from my 5in
1911 not 1300fps as some say and it is
real pricey. a good price is 17.00/25rds
ouch. hydras are slow and reported good
on people out in the woods with something
furry with teeth i carry the gold dots
no stories on thier actual use on furry
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