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Hello Everyone, really slow here at work so I decided to photochop together a pistol I've been thinking of putting together. I'm very intrigued by the .460 Rowland, and my GF has already offered to buy me the Clark kit for my birthday. (I've read the debates here and still have my heart set on this conversion) I love the look of the two toned custom operator on the SA site, but decided to try and reverse the color, remove the rail (since I'll be starting with a loaded) and see what I got.

From SportingArms I can find new loaded Black Stainless PX9152L for : $739 (can anyone beat that?)

Clark .460 Rowland: $275
Machine Checker front strap 20 LPI: $75
Armory Kote whole gun (would have to ask about 2 tone): $125
New cocobolo grips: ?

Not included in the pic, I'd also like to possibly add the Damascus hammer and trigger from Caspian in time.

So what do you all think? Comments?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts