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You know, Kjhof? When I first heard about the .460 Rowland back in the late 90's I thought, "No way". A cartridge that powerful would destroy a 1911 in 1,000 rounds.

Well, two guys I admire a lot are Dick Metcalf and John Taffin. And if they tell me the gun is not brutal to fire and will not fall apart on me when I least expect it then I believe them.

I own a S&W Trailboss. It's Mag-Na-Ported and has Pachmyr grips but because of the 3" pipe, I need full house .44 magnum to give me the muzzle energy that the Rowland offers. And Mag Na Port or no, the Smith whacks my drumstick (thumb muscle) pretty solidly.

The .460 offers true and practical power without beating you up. :)
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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