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4th USGI Show and Shoot in Washington State

Sunday, December 7th is to be the 4th USGI Show n' Shoot at Wade's Gunshop in Bellevue, WA. The actual start time will be 11 AM and run to 3 PM. Ty, Dana, Dave Helton, Tim, Michael Chop, Tom Blank, and hopefully others will be in attendance. The show-n-tell event is free, so just stop by.

Bring along any USGI gun you would like to have an honest evaluation of, and especially bring along a genuine GI gun to shoot at the shoot-off competition. There will be two shooting competitions this year, 1 for USGI M1911/M1911A1 and one for USGI revolvers (Colt Commando, S&W Victory, and M1917/M1909 revolvers). First place this year will win a autographed copy of Charles Clawson's Collectors Guide to the Colt .45 Service Pistol, 3rd Edition. Kindly furnished by Mr. Clawson himself for this event. We can also get it personalized if they prefer.

If you want to bring guns to display and share with others the room we have at Wades in Bellevue is great for that if you look below I added a couple of images showing some of the displays we had at past events. There is no fee to display or view.

All the great books on the subject will be on hand for those wanting to do research.

Some of the collectotrs will be displaying other types of USGI guns as well; M1903, M1907, M1917 revolvers (from Spanish-American war, WWI, and WWII), and more.

If you want to participate in the shooting competition in the afternoon you need a GI issue gun “Military” no commercials. Entry fee for the shooting competition is $5.00 and will be used to pay for prizes that will be distributed to Shoot Off winners. Shoot off starts at 2:00 PM ending by 3:00 PM.

Big FUN and we will have 1 or 2 guns that others can use to participate in the shoot. We ordered pizza last time so bring a few bucks if you want to chip in to the pizza pool.

please RSVP by filling out the following form, feel free to just drop by as well. http://coolgunsite.com/joinform.htm

Sales at the show: No firearm transactions can occur at Wades, but you can bring cool collectibles and other stuff to sell or trade. This includes USGI accessories, parts, and memorabilia. No new items that would compete with Wades sales will be permitted.

Date: 04/06/03
Location: Wades Eastside Guns

13570 Bel-Red Road
Bellevue, WA 98005
Phone: 425-649-5995

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While this is specifically USGI, there are a lot of 1911 owners here in WA who often like to see/talk about GI guns. Hope to see some of you at the show!
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