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I just bought a FN Five_seveN pistol. Not had a chance to shoot it yet but was wondering if anyone had more information on the round than FN is putting out. I'm gonna have to reload this thing, fact ammo is sky-high. I put approximately 3oo rounds through the P-90 last week, very easy to shoot, hardly any recoil. The pistol shoots the same round and I could purchase it. If it lives up to claims, it will be a keeper. I heard that RCBS is making dies and that winchester assembles the componets provided by FN but thats about it.

.223/.224 bullet
smaller than a .221 fireball, closer to a .22 hornet.
round fits tight in a .25acp shell holder.
looks like its got 3 to 5 grains of Win 296 or similar ball powder in it?

I reload just about everything so putting em together will involve a little trial and error but nothing that can't be done.

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