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Optimism? You are confident about making all 6 from a 44 or 20 from a 10?

When I worked in Alaska (SE portion near BC), revolvers in stainless or hardchromed were preferred in a variety of calibers over semi-automatics. That was because of the constant summer rains, humidity, and general dirty conditions. It was thought that a revolver would be most reliable. I never heard of anyone making all six shots that wasn't in a tree stand, safe, or actually being mauled at the time of the shooting (all contact or nearly contact shots). People tend to miss a lot when being charged. People also tend to lose badly if they surprise a bear napping. The guns usually are not worn in an easily accessible manner, the bear gets startled, and gets mad at you.

I really suggest reading the entire series of "When Bears Attack" books. I have no idea of how many they are up to now. In short, 95% of bear attacks tend to be brought on by humans operating in manners that would be unsafe given the ways that bears live. For example, it is a dumb idea to carry 40 lbs of salmon on your back from the water front to your cabin, two miles in the tree line, at night. Do not try to get a picture of your buddy standing next to a bear sitting on the stream bank while the bear is waiting for a salmon to come by. One recurring theme of the books is that most of the victims of bear attacks is their initial surprise of the attack (of those that lived to talk about it). If surprise is not on your side, it is a bad thing for you.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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