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I am in the process of installing a Kensight adjustable sight on a new TISAS slide. This is one of the entry-level TISAS guns that shipped with only a basic rear sight.

I intend to modify the Kensight dovetail to fit into the TISAS factory dovetail.
I am modifying the SIGHT only. I am not modifying the slide.

The width of the base of the sight I removed from the TISAS is approximately 0.315"
The width of the base of the Kensight I received in today's mail is approximately 0.340"

I intend to buy a file from Brownells for this purpose. However, I see Brownells sells two varieties: 60-degree and 65-degree. I lost my protractor from high-school geometry class in 1978. Even if I still had it, I'm not likely to be able to measure the angle of the TISAS factory sight, or the Kensight, or the dovetail on the slide, with any confidence to discern a 5-degree difference.

What say you about whether I should get the 60-degree file or the 65-degree file?

I'm kind of thinking it doesn't reall matter. You know, just start filing the sight. My degree of error working the file is probably going to be worth 5 degrees anyway. Get it close to the right size, and just force it in. I'm using the NC Star sight pusher tool. I also have 4# hammer and Brownells purpose-built brass punch for pounding 1911 sights.

I note too that Brownells offers the files in two cut-grades: #1 and #2.
My internet sleuthing tells me a #1 is more coarse (64 teeth per inch), and a #2 is less coarse (79 teeth per inch).
I'm inclined to just get the #1, and run it with a little less elbow grease when I'm getting close. Its not like I'm making jewelry where my file-marks will be visible. Any marks will be completely hidden after the sight is installed. That said, is there ANY practical reason to get the finer-cut file?
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The sight pictured is going to sit too high on the slide. I would either order a sight for the dovetail that exists or take it to a gunsmith to have the proper sight cut done to the slide. Below is the style of sight you need for the dovetail cut you have.
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The KENSIGHT is too tall as-shipped.

In addition to relieving an edge of the dovetail, I am also removing metal from the base, to lower the overall height of the sight.

I had to take a break from the fitting process to attend to home chores the other night. Then all day on the range yesterday.

I will likely finish the task today. I’m 75% of the way to where I need to be. Still need to finish up the final 0.010” to push it into the factory dovetail.

Gotta attend to a few things this morning, including trip to post office to get a money order for a no-dash 686 a lad offered on another forum.

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KENSIGHT went in nicely.
Forward of the dovetial, I've got about 0.003" clearance between the sight and the slide. That's right on the money for what I was aiming for.

Love the ability to adjust windage now!
I even cheated a little bit and left the sight hanging just a bit off the right side to address my issue with shoots grouping way left.

I do think it may shoot a bit high with the sight bottomed out, and aiming at 6 o'clock on the black bull. Which will be a huge improvement over having to hold on the far right edge of the target frame, and three-quarters the way up the target face. I was able to shoot 7-ring sized groups previously, but that hold caused the gun to completely block my view of the aiming black. If I have to hold a large line-of-white now, but can hold consistently at six o'clock (and actually SEE the bull) that should shrink the groups a bit.

Yeah, yeah,.... I know. I'm "holding the gun wrong." If my hold improves, I'll move the sight some more.

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