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As a CQB round I think the 5.56 MM is fine, how ever I love the 7.62 MM. One reason also the military switched is cost, weight(per soldier) females as well as some male soldiers can't shoot, especially when a little recoil and more muzzle flash is added. I taught Army Marksmanship for years and you would not believe people can't shoot. Soldiers do not take Marksmanship Training serious. They don't want to shoot, they have to clean them and they are a burden to carry around. Retiring in 1995 was due to the U.S. Social Welfare Agency we call the army. They drop standards to allow everyone to do it, hey we have 100% weapons qualification. In actuality we have 35% (as experienced in units I was stationed). So in the bottom line, it's cheaper, lighter, it doesn't scare or kick our young men and women so they can shoot it better. Thats just my HO, it may be more involved than that.
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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