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7.62 being replaced by 5.56?

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I recently bought a book titled "20th Century Guns." I've noticed that 5.56mm has become far more common than 7.62mm, and not just in assault rifles but light machine guns as well. Is 7.62mm (.308) being phased out by the military? Will it eventually become more of a hunting round, like .30-06?
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Originally posted by In service to His Majesty:
True. But even if the Army wanted to go back to the 7.62, it couldn't. Today's PDA wearin', wireless internet gadget man would cry like a baby if a 7.62 recoiled against his shoulder. And can you imagine the women? They would want to take a six-month hiatus under the Family Medical Leave Act. "The ferocity of the rifle causes me recurring nightmares and anguish. I need to get away and deal with the violent trauma to which I have been subjected."

God, help us all.


IF that is true (and it isn't!) there is only one group that is to blame, and that is the baby boomers who raised them.

Give me a break.
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