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#7 Alternative?

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I've been hearing bad things about AA #7, and I just ran out of it, anyway; what's a good alternative for loading mid-range 10mm loads? I don't need to get 1400fs with 155's; 1200 is fine. 3N37 looks pretty good; any other suggestions? What about for full power (200/1200, 180/1300)?
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Only bad thing about #7 that I know about is that it is a tad bit dirtier than other powders. Works great on full power 10mm loads.
Having said that, try Power pistol, Win Super field and Ramshot "Silhouette"(formerly packaged as Win. Power pistol WAP). I used Power pistol for full power 10mm pinloads, 200s and 220s, and found that WAP/silhouette gave me the same velocities with a softer feel(IMHO of course)
I use WAP/Silhouette for my open 9x23/steel loads and all 10mm loads, makes my powder selection much easier. Good luck, DC

front sight is good, front sight is good!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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