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8 round Wilson Feed Lip Failure

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Yesterday a friend was by shooting 8 round Wilson 45 mags in his Kimber. Two of the magazines began hanging the slide to the rear.

Upon inspection, we observed the top cartridge about 1/8 inch forward of a full seated (in magazine) position and spreading the mag lips apart enough to bind the slide. Looks like the lips have lost temper.

Any comments appreciated.

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If the magazines are defective call Wilsons and they will have you new ones on the way.Their customer service is outstanding.You might want to check the base pads on the magazines and make sure that they haven't slid forward,or are damaged.It sounds as if the magazines are over inserted a base pad that has slid forward or is damaged will allow this.I am not sure but I don't think that you could bind the slide like that unless the magazine is inserted too far. BILLG
Bill G,
Thanks for the suggestion. Will Check it out. I had not thought about that.
I had similar problems with Pachmayr mags.
At least at that time they did not have removable bases.

That is when I tried the Wilson's.
Now all I use is Wilson's.

Make mine a .45 !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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