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9mm 1911/2011 recommendations requested

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I'm looking for a 1911/2011 in 9mm and looking for sage advice.

For context, I'm 50 and have been shooting since childhood. I own a LOT of guns, but always gravitated towards 1911s and Glocks. After a fairly long hiatus, I got seriously back into shooting and have been taking private courses at a tactical range (I could write pages about that).

Along the way, I have been slowly upgrading all of my old gear. I recently got a wonderful 365XL with a Holosun red dot that is my primary carry gun.

Now I am thinking about investing in a larger high capacity 9mm 1911/2011 to run outside the wasteband on a battle belt, not as a carry gun.

Here's the thing -- I'm looking for a gun that shoots like my old Kimber 4" (.45), but holds 9mm and optimally a minimum of 15 rounds. Sure, I could find plenty of Sigs and Glocks, and I already own an old Browning Hi-Power -- I'm looking for a 1911 style trigger and function.

I'm currently researching new stuff by Staccato and Wilson Combat, but not sure what other options there may be, or if there is a current go-to for something like this.

I should also say that I have average to smaller hands and find the Glock 19, 1911s with thin grips, and the 365XL to be quite comfortable (although the 365XL is on the small side and I could handle something a little bigger). No ridiculously fat handles.

Also, I'm not 100% sure if I want an optic on this gun, but I'm leaning that way based on my recent positive experiences at the tactical range.

So what do you guys suggest?
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For me personally, I don't like double stack magazine grips in 1911. That's the major reason I like 1911's. The single stack grip just feels right in my hands. I have a NHC 10mm that was my EDC and it's great, but, I could only find one brand new in 10mm (without having to order and wait for a year) and is was with the longer 5" barrel. I've always preferred the shorter Commander length barrel and I special ordered one (a DW stainless steel Specialist Commander) from Dan Wesson in 10mm and it is fantastic. The match trigger and barrel are about as good as my NHC. So I switched it out with my NHC as my EDC.

I was going to buy one for my daughter, but, she didn't have the hand strength to pull the slide all the way back to chamber rounds. So, I found her one in 9mm and she has zero issues pulling the slide all the way back to chamber rounds. I found it brand new in the box on Gunbroker for only $1,300 shipped. All of the other dealers started at almost $1,500.

It has all of the features that I wanted in a 1911 (except for the matte finish and checkered grips that I don't care for) including a match grade trigger, match grade barrel, night sights, light rail, and a magwell. Standard magazines are only 8 or 9 rds. But, who cares as long as you carry extra magazines and practice speed combat reloads.
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