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9mm 1911/2011 recommendations requested

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I'm looking for a 1911/2011 in 9mm and looking for sage advice.

For context, I'm 50 and have been shooting since childhood. I own a LOT of guns, but always gravitated towards 1911s and Glocks. After a fairly long hiatus, I got seriously back into shooting and have been taking private courses at a tactical range (I could write pages about that).

Along the way, I have been slowly upgrading all of my old gear. I recently got a wonderful 365XL with a Holosun red dot that is my primary carry gun.

Now I am thinking about investing in a larger high capacity 9mm 1911/2011 to run outside the wasteband on a battle belt, not as a carry gun.

Here's the thing -- I'm looking for a gun that shoots like my old Kimber 4" (.45), but holds 9mm and optimally a minimum of 15 rounds. Sure, I could find plenty of Sigs and Glocks, and I already own an old Browning Hi-Power -- I'm looking for a 1911 style trigger and function.

I'm currently researching new stuff by Staccato and Wilson Combat, but not sure what other options there may be, or if there is a current go-to for something like this.

I should also say that I have average to smaller hands and find the Glock 19, 1911s with thin grips, and the 365XL to be quite comfortable (although the 365XL is on the small side and I could handle something a little bigger). No ridiculously fat handles.

Also, I'm not 100% sure if I want an optic on this gun, but I'm leaning that way based on my recent positive experiences at the tactical range.

So what do you guys suggest?
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Despite STI not releasing any testing info on their offerings' reliability testing that has, presumably, supported their adoption by a couple of units here and there, the end-user experience suggests that their guns are pretty reliable. Other 9 mm 2011s, I dunno. If the USPSA does introduce a dedicated 9 mm 2011 division, as it is being rumored, we'll have a large scale reliability data pretty soon.
Somebody mentioned Beretta above and I think it beats the **** out of any 2011 in regards to reliability and is as shootable as 2011, but the OP didn't ask about Berettas.
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