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9mm & N310

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Does anybody have a IDPA load for a 9 mm using Vihtavouri N310 and 125 grain lead round nose?


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Viht does not list a load for 9mm and N-310. However, it is comparable to Bullseye, so you could start at about 3.8 and work up to 4.2, chronographing as you go.

My 9mm/Bullseye load used to be 125 LRN and 4.2, but found some guns didn't like lead bullets and fast powders. I'd get tumblers, and couldn't keep five shots all on an IPSC target at 25 yards.

I switched back to WW-231 or N-320.

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Hi Kevin:

VV shared with me a recommendation of 3.0 to 3.4 gr. N310 (start thru max) for a 122 gr. bullet. That's prolly close enough for a 124 gr. projectile. I loaded some 122, 125, 115, and 147 over N310 and the results were generally outstanding. In all cases, the rounds are very soft shooting. At the low end a pistol with standard springs won't cycle. Many of the loads showed great accuracy potential. I got to 3.5 gr. of N310 under a 125 gr. rnl and just nicely made minor (PF for IDPA or IPSC). I think you have to work up your loads for your particular needs in your gun, watching for the usual signs. All usual disclaimers apply. The "published" data seem to be very conservative but you must exercise caution when stepping out of bounds.
Nevertheless, IMHO, the results with this powder more than justify the time taken to work up a load.


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